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Poster Session

Posters for the Formal Epistemology Workshop include the following:

Benjamin Bewersdorf, "Total Evidence, Uncertainty, and A Priori Beliefs"
Tomasz Bigaj and Anna Wojtowicz, "Measures of Confirmation and the Problem of Mutually Exclusive Hypotheses"
Nilanjan Das, "The Zero Denominator Problem"
Bennett Holman and Justin Bruner, "The Problem of Intransigently Biased Agents"
Zac Irving, "Venturing Beyond Vanilla: A Risky Extension to Belief-Desire Psychology"
Matt Kopec, "The Group Dutch Book Argument and Group Rationality"
Dustin Neuman and Justin Vlasits, "Two Dynamic Approaches to Logical Omniscience"
Ricardo Silvestre, "Induction, Plausibility, and Certainty"

The session will also include posters from the Society for Exact Philosophy.

Guidelines: presenters will have a bulletin board 36 inches high and 40 inches wide, and we will provide plenty of push pins to attach any amount of paper that will fit on the board.

Links with hints for preparing posters:
Entertaining and in-depth advice on how to design a poster, including examples and templates, from Colin Purrington.

General guidelines on the role of a poster, from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
Guidelines for presentations in the humanities, from Texas Tech University. (Scroll down for poster design suggestions.)
Brief hints specifically for posters in philosophy, from the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.

Templates for creating posters, from the grad school at UNC Chapel Hill.

Better Posters - a blog based on detailed critiques of submitted posters, and discussions about how to improve them.