Areas of Specialization:
Formal Epistemology (esp. philosophy of probability and decision theory), Epistemology, Mathematical Logic (esp. set theory), Philosophy of Mathematics
Areas of Competence:
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Logic

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Department of Philosophy, August 2014-present (Associate Head of Department, 2016-2017; Director of Graduate Studies, 2017-)
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Department of Philosophy, January 2009-June 2014
Academic Coordinator, Canada/USA Mathcamp, July-August 2010
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Australian National University, Research School of Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy, June-Dec 2008, July-Dec 2009

PhD, UC Berkeley, Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science, May 2008
Visiting Student, ANU RSSS Philosophy, July-Aug 2005, June 2006, June 2007
BA, Philosophy and Music, Stanford University, May 2002
BS, Mathematics, Stanford University, May 2002
Study Abroad, Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Fall 2000

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    Honors and Awards
    • co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 2017-
    • Associate Editor for Episteme, 2013-
    • Area Editor for Ergo, 2013-
    • Epistemology editor for Philosophy Compass, 2015-
    • Editorial board for Philosophy of Science, 2015-
    Conference Organization
    Other Professional Activities
    • Member, APA Committee on LGBT People in the Profession, 2014-
    • Grant reviewing for several grant agencies
    • Tenure letters for several philosophy departments
    • Book refereeing for Oxford University Press
    • Journal referee for dozens of journals, especially Philosophy of Science, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, and Erkenntnis
    Graduate Supervision
    • Dissertation supervision:
      • Justin Dallmann (USC), 2015
    • Dissertation committees:
      • Rima Basu (USC), May 2018
      • Brian Knab (UT Austin), April 2018
      • Bill D'Alessandro (UIUC), August 2017
      • Nick diBella (Stanford), June 2016
      • Justin Sharber (Rutgers), August 2014
      • Julia Staffel (USC), March 2013
      • Janet Anderson (USC linguistics), May 2012
      • Johannes Schmidt (USC), April 2012
    • MA committees:
      • Katie Petrik (Texas A&M), March 2016