FEW 2014

11th Annual
Formal Epistemology Workshop

June 20-22, 2014
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

The Formal Epistemology Workshop will be held in connection with the 2014 meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy, which will take place immediately afterwards, at the California Institute of Technology, a short rail ride away in Pasadena.

There is no cost to attend FEW, including the day of events shared with the SEP at Caltech on Sunday, June 22. However, participants who plan to attend the banquet on Sunday evening, or any of the Monday or Tuesday talks through the SEP should register by May 22.

Local Information: See here for information about food, transportation, events, and concerts during FEW.

Participants in FEW alone may want to book a room from the night of Thursday, June 19 to the morning of Monday, June 23. Participants in FEW and SEP may want to book a room from the night of Thursday, June 19 to the morning of Sunday, June 22, when there will be time to move to the SEP conference hotel in Pasadena. (There will be plenty of time on Sunday morning for participants to travel between downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, but time will be a bit tighter on the other mornings.)

Free guest wifi is available on campus, though I find that it is only about 90% reliable.

Handouts for all talks are coming online.

Thursday, June 19
arrival, dinner and drinks downtown

Friday, June 20 (Mudd Hall of Philosophy, Room 106, at USC)
there will be coffee, but no other snacks
9:15-10:45 am - Andrew Bacon, "Stalnaker's Thesis in Context"
comments Sam Cumming
11:00-12:30 - Catrin Campbell-Moore, "How to Express Self-Referential Probabilities and Avoid the (Bad) Consequences"
comments by Sean Walsh
2:30-4:00 pm - Conor Mayo-Wilson, "Epistemic Closure in Statistics"
comments by Mark Schroeder
4:15-5:45 pm - Miriam Schoenfield, "Bridging Rationality and Accuracy"
comments by Mike Titelbaum

evening dinner and drinks downtown
Saturday, June 21 (Mudd Hall of Philosophy, Room 106, at USC)
there will be coffee, but no other snacks
9:15-10:45 am - Bernhard Salow, "Reflection and Access"
comments by Jeff Dunn
11:00-12:30 - Hanti Lin, "Conditionals and Actions: A Pragmatic Argument for Adams' Logic of Indicative Conditionals"
comments by Joel Velasco
12:30-2:30 pm - LUNCH
2:30-4:00 pm - H. Orri Stefansson, "Counterfactual Desirability"
comments by Sophie Dandelet
4:15-6:45 pm - extended session
Jennifer Carr, "Coherence or Accuracy"
Jason Konek and Ben Levinstein, "The Foundations of Epistemic Decision Theory"
comments by Michael Caie

evening dinner and drinks downtown
Sunday, June 22 (joint with SEP - at Baxter Hall, Caltech, in Pasadena) (Building 77 on this map)

2:00-3:30 pm - Keynote Address: Bas van Fraassen, "The Problem of Pride and Prejudice in Probabilism"
3:45-5:45 pmPoster Session (there will be snacks)
6:00-6:30 pm - Drinks and announcements
6:30-9:00 pm - Banquet (registration closed)

Local organizer: Kenny Easwaran
Referees: Rachael Briggs, Lara Buchak, Mike Caie, Fabrizio Cariani, Trent Dougherty, Kenny Easwaran, Branden Fitelson, Richard Pettigrew, Mike Titelbaum
Consulting committee: Rachael Briggs, Lara Buchak, Fabrizio Cariani, Trent Dougherty, Franz Huber, Matthew Kotzen, Sarah Moss, Richard Pettigrew, Mike Titelbaum, Jonathan Weisberg

Financial support:

Thanks to Scott Soames, the USC Philosophy Department, and the Dean of the Dornsife College at USC for funding the workshop.